News: ~June 5th 2020~ - (Old News)
There is a bit more activity going on right now, so stick around if you want to be a part of it! Also, Windra is now a mod, because she is helping making this happen. And by helping I mean doing most of it.

RP News: ~November 19th 2015~ (Old RP News)
There is no current plot. The forests welcome new travelers within these lands.
Event Status: Not Active (each accepted character allowed to RP in multiple RP threads)

RP Season: Summer
This means everything is green, flowers are everywhere, and the shining sun creates a need for shady shelter on the warmest days.

Hints, Tips and Guidelines

Acceptance of New Characters into the Forest

*A profile sheet (found here) must be properly filled out before a character can be accepted, and posted at the "First Steps into the Woods" forum. The character may not be used in regular roleplay forums before it has been accepted by a staff member. This does not include the Hidden Visions Reflected forum, where you can post with your future UV characters even before they are accepted, nor the Visions Within Ourselves forum, where you can post with any character at any time.

Character Types Allowed

*Copyright Characters: While it's understood that playing a character that is known and loved would possibly be fun, it is unfortunately not allowed here at UV. This includes characters who are simply renamed, but are otherwise identical to a character that is under copyright. Characters based on a certain world from a novel, movie, personality, or game are considered alright, but must be otherwise original. It is not fair to the original creator and is not your character to pose as. We could get into trouble for accepting them.

Hint: Questions about if a specific character concept is acceptable may be asked in the Away from the Woods forum.

Character attributes

*Characters may have any set of abilities and skills, but these should be kept within reason. Features that are god-moding by definition are not allowed (like excessive size that would destroy the forest just by moving, or an automatic ability to have everyone in the vicinity obey you, to pick some extreme examples). Characters may be very good at things but nobody is perfect.

Hint: Remember that too powerful characters will often not be able to be played to their full potential without breaking the rules. Disadvantages are the primary way to motivate why a super-character cannot automatically win every situation (because they can't, that would be God-moding).

*If a player wishes to bring in an overly powerful character, s/he should be prepared to have certain OOC restrictions placed upon the character by staff when they prove unable to RP the character within the rules. They will be limited to protect not only the Forest, but other people's RP enjoyment as well.

*It is natural to develop a character while RPing, but this is also subject to common sense. A character cannot generally learn something new and instantly master it. A profile can and should always be updated with new information as the character develops it; simply request for the profile to be unlocked in the Spirit forum to do so.

Hint: There is a special forum called 'Hidden Visions Reflected' in where a character's experiences can be described out of the timeline. It can be used to describe the character learning the new ability in more of a story style, if playing it in normal RP posts is expected to take too long or be too boring.

Plots and Plotting

*The RP at Unicorn's Visions is sometimes enlivened by story plots created to entertain the players. If anyone wishes to start a RP plot with possible consequences to the lands and its inhabitants, they only need to PM Gaeva to initiate a conversation and exchange some information to make sure the proposed plot is feasible, whether the timing will not interfere with any other plots, and coordinate RP updates to keep everybody up to date on what is going on.

*No permission is needed to start smaller plots involving a player's own characters and/or a small group of willing players, as long as the plot will not affect the main story of the forest or other uninvolved characters.

The use of NPCs, pets/followers and Plot Characters

*A NPC (Non-Player Character) is a character that isn't owned by any player in particular, and can thus be used and played by everybody in the RP thread. They can be created on the fly to enhance your roleplaying experience or to create a mood. Examples are the birds that fly overhead through the forest, a villager giving you directions to your destination, a musician entertaining your party, or a demon in the mountains attacking your party. NPCs can be anywhere and anything and require no permission to use.

*A pet or follower accompanies the main character wherever it goes. The pet is is not a formal character and does
not require a profile, as their main purpose is to enhance/expand on the official character. Examples are dogs, a horse to get around on, a smart-mouthed sidekick, a personal butler, and so on. Such a pet or follower has to be mentioned in the character's profile. These beings can only be found at the main character's side, and never alone in a separate thread.

Hint: If for any reason the storyline makes it necessary to have the pet/familiar/sidekick temporarily leave the main character's side (like needing to carry a message, or getting kidnapped to put pressure on the main character), simply ask for it in the Spirit forum so staff is kept informed. The separation lasts for as long as the relevant storyline requires.

*Plot characters are used by people hosting a plot needing extra characters, like bad guys or catalysts. They are only controlled by the one player hosting the plot, and can be seen as a full, but temporal, character. The use of plot characters can be requested in the Spirit forum by stating you would like to use plot characters for a small plot, and possibly what kind you will be using (armies, individuals, animals, etc).

Longer Absence From the Boards

*If a player knows s/he will be gone for a long period of time it is generally a good idea to make a post about this in the Deep Forest Spirit forum to let other players know they shouldn't expect a reply from that player in the interim.

*When a player has not replied to a RP thread they are active in for a whole week, the other player(s) will have the right to bypass this character and possibly write him/her out of their RP so they can continue on without waiting.

*Every now and then an inventory of all active members is performed to keep member lists up-to-date. Inactive players are posted in a warning thread (called a "Reaper" on UV). Warned players who have allowed for PM messaging or have supplied an e-mail address will be notified by one of those venues as well. The players not responding to the Reaper within the given time frame (usually a week) will be removed from the accepted character list.