News: ~June 5th 2020~ - (Old News)
There is a bit more activity going on right now, so stick around if you want to be a part of it! Also, Windra is now a mod, because she is helping making this happen. And by helping I mean doing most of it.

RP News: ~November 19th 2015~ (Old RP News)
There is no current plot. The forests welcome new travelers within these lands.
Event Status: Not Active (each accepted character allowed to RP in multiple RP threads)

RP Season: Summer
This means everything is green, flowers are everywhere, and the shining sun creates a need for shady shelter on the warmest days.

The Rules

Rules of Unicorn's Visions

If these rules are broken you will first be approached by staff about the situation to provide a chance to correct the situation. If the situation is not corrected, or if it happens a second time you will be warned, and a third time will result in a (possibly temporary) ban from the forum. If (a) rule(s) is/are being broken in RP then the RP thread may be locked up until the situation has been resolved.
Everybody is responsible for the post content in the topics they post in on UV, not just staff. When somebody is seen breaking a rule then please help them out and inform them of this -or ask a staff member to do this for you if you feel uncomfortable doing so yourself- so they can correct their mistake before more severe actions are required to fix the situation.

As for RP, we have to trust the other RPer to treat our character fairly, but also have the courage to speak up for ourselves if they don't. Support each other by watching each other's back, and report (you will remain anonymous) a situation where somebody is being treated unfairly.

  • Respect each other and each others' characters. This includes keeping In Character and Out Of Character separate: do not extend in character grudges to other players, and do not bring real life drama into roleplay.
  • This forum is for everybody of all ages, so please no excessive bad language. Extreme violence and describing/discussing sexual acts are allowed in roleplay only, provided that there is a warning in the topic title. Lack of a warning in the title will lead to a warning the first time, banning the second time.
  • Roleplaying is a cooperative thing.
    • No God-moding (controlling or dictating the actions or outcomes of another player's character's actions, including creating situations a character can't logically escape)! To take control of, kill, or permanently harm or heal a character that is not your own, permission from the owner (not by proxy) -on the forum in the relevant thread- is needed.
    • No Metagaming. Do not give your characters knowledge of other characters or events that they could not or should not know. This extends to knowing the inner thoughts of other characters (excepting abilities such as telepathy), and knowing their abilities and weaknesses (excepting characters who have reasons to know these things).
  • Please follow the instructions of the staff when help from fellow players is no longer enough. If you feel a forum mod is overstepping their bounds, contact Gaeva.
  • Once a character has been accepted it should be played according to the written profile. The profile can then be updated as the character grows, changes and develops through RP. A character cannot suddenly develop a new ability just because the situation requires it or because the character would loose a fight otherwise.
  • Initially, every player may join up to 3 characters. They can be the same or different species, related or complete strangers, whichever is desired. Each character must have its own profile filled out though, but if they arrive jointly they may share the same joining thread RP, just make a note of it in their joining profile. After the initial 3 characters have been active in RP for two months you can request a 4th character, two months after acceptance you can request a 5th, and so on, up to 10 characters. Please read the below Guidelines for more information on characters and what is and isn't allowed.)
  • Characters can be of any type or species, existing or imaginary, except humans. For a human-looking character to be accepted there must be clear visible clues that they are not human. Adaptations to this are allowed however, like shapeshifters with an alternate human form. This is partly because of UV tradition, and also to encourage even more character creativity.
  • The "Event Status" in the RP announcements at the top of the forum indicates what type of RP is currently going on: During a mass story line ("Event Status: Active") each character can be roleplayed in one thread at a time. This is to ensure continuity and keep relations with other characters clear. At all other times ("Event Status: Not Active") characters can be in any number of RP threads the player feels s/he can keep up with. The exception here are all the joining threads at the Edge of the Woods, where the event status does not matter and a character may join as many as the player can keep up with.
  • Have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions ^_^

Forum Reminders

*The chat is a part of Unicorn's Visions, and the rules of behaviour above applies there too. In the case of there being no mod in chat when a disruptive person enters, report such a person to Gaeva or to any mod through a PM. (A screenshot and copy of the relevant text would be great too.)

*Note that the theme of UV might change from time to time (to maybe a lighter, darker or different coloured background). So try to keep your coloured text to a minimum to retain easy readability for all users at all times.

*Please note that as some of our users have a slow internet connection, large images posted on the forum will slow down their loading times even more. So please try to keep images small (around 450x450), and to use clickable thumbnails (image previews) whenever possible.