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Osiyo from Galisgia Waya

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Osiyo from Galisgia Waya

Post by Galisgia_Waya » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:05 am

[]Name: Galisgia Waya (Dancing Wolf)

Species: Shape Shifter


Gender: Female

Appearance: More often than not, Galisgia is seen in her human form. Her hair flies wildly and falls to her lower back, three feathers held by leather strips intertwined into a single small braid on the right-hand side of her head whips about with the wind. Her eyes a dark brown, large and prominent in her oval face show a keen sense of awareness of her surroundings and full of a wisdom older than time. Her build is slender with a hidden agility that those who are unknown to her are unaware of. Her broad shoulders appear that she could carry the weight of the world and not falter under the pressure. She wears a tunic that falls right above her knees. Around her waist is a braided leather rope made of deer hide adoring the braided leather rope is a sheath to hold a small bladed weapon and a pouch that holds all of her precious sacred items. She wears a pair of knee high moccasins made of a soft, sun bleached leather, tiny beads making up small tribal like designs all around the moccasins. Her footsteps are soft and often unheard.

Wolf Form: Used sometimes to fight, hunt or when she needs to make haste. Silver wolf, the color of a bright moon.

Personality: Galisgia Waya is an intelligent being. Her keen sense of observation is a trait she was born with, it is in the blood of the wolf that courses through her veins. When she hunts, it is for sustenance and she thanks her kill for the sacrifice. She is conscientious and when faced to defend herself or someone/something else she is fearless in battle.

Traits: She is not one to get excited. A bit mysterious in just exactly who she is. Strongly believes in honesty. She is sensible and rational in her thinking. She can be gentle and nurturing yet fierce when need be.

Family: All family lost, long ago.

Known History: Long ago her family was lost to a battle. She was just a young thing and learned to survive. She roams freely, taking odd jobs here and there to get by which has allowed her to travel and meet quite a bit of others along the way. Some she has grown close to and call friends, others she has learned were not so honorable in their ways and harsh lessons were learned. Her life has been spent in mostly solitude, with the exception of the rare short term traveling partner or those times she has set up residence in an area for again, a short term.

How did your character find these lands?: While traveling through the adjoining grassland a hunt was sparked when she caught scent of a jack rabbit. As the hunt pursues she is brought to the edge of the forest, an unknown area to her and the urge to pursue the hunt fades. Changing back into her human form she stops to take in her surroundings more

Anything Else We Need to Know?:

[b]First RP in these lands:Through the grasslands she ran, all four paws pounding the earth in rhythm with her heart. She could smell the sweet grass and the water of the rivers that ran close by. She could also smell the adrenaline of the rabbit that she had been tracking for a few miles now. Rabbits weren't hard to catch, they were more annoying to hunt due to their zig-zag tendancies. She did enjoy the run though, it was always invigorating. All signs of hunger and invigoration faded when as she neared the end of the grasslands and drew near the edge of the forest. She could hear twigs snap and leaves and dirt shuffle from the rabbit that had already entered into the forest. This was a new place and her senses plunged into overdrive. She stooped into the tall grass and quickly changed back into human form. (That had been a painful experience the first time, but the more she had changed, the more accustomed she became to the transformation and all that came with it). She stood in front of a tall and majestic Redwood, she placed her hand on the trunk, closed her eyes and breathed in deep through her nose... so many smells, some familiar, some strange, yet all satisfying...
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Re: Osiyo from Galisgia Waya

Post by Gaeva Winged Unicorn » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:57 pm

((OOC: character accepted, welcome. It's a little quiet around here but there are still people around!))
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Re: Osiyo from Galisgia Waya

Post by forgerofsouls » Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:08 pm

((occ: Damn, I forgot to check this place for a while, and what happens, a new character appears!))
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Re: Osiyo from Galisgia Waya

Post by Galisgia_Waya » Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:01 pm

I figured things were as busy as my life gets in other parts of the universe. As for sugar and spice mixing well together, it depends on what you're mixing together. How do you do?
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Re: Osiyo from Galisgia Waya

Post by Luxon Cobrat » Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:16 pm

((Hello and welcome to UV. I saw you dropped by Chat a couple of days ago. If you want to catch anybody there while we're on, you'll want to show up around midnight on Friday or Saturday night, US Central Time.

If you would like to start roleplaying, go ahead and start a thread in one of the RP areas, and I'll try to respond as soon as I can.))
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