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There is no current plot. The forests welcome new travelers within these lands.
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RP Season: Summer
This means everything is green, flowers are everywhere, and the shining sun creates a need for shady shelter on the warmest days.


Long, healthy, green grass grows on endlessly rolling hills. A place to find delicious food for herbivores, a place to find easy prey for carnivores. Also great to just pick a hill to stand on and shout into the wind.

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Post by Galisgia_Waya » Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:46 am

The wind blew in her face, her long dark hair blowing wildly behind her. Her trek had been long and she hadn't stopped for a while to rest. The sweet grass hit her at her waist, and she spread her hands out and brushed them over the tops of it. She loved the wide openness of grasslands. They were one of her favorite lands, and she had seen many. The wind shifted and hunger rippled through her body, gripping at her sides. It had been a week since she had hunted, since she had ate something bigger than a mouse. Somewhere to the East of her there was a rabbit, the hunger grew and gripped at her whole body now and triggered the change. She shook her whole body and ruffled her grey fur, stretched all four paws out before she leapt up into a full dead run. The thuds of her feet upon the earth softened falling in rhythm with her heart.
The scent had gotten stronger and her paced slowed, she crouched down preparing to pounce when the wind shifted and the rabbit caught scent of her and took off in a zig zag motion leaving room for another chase, which was to be expected. What she didn't expect was the scent of something or someone herself and it was heading straight for her. Crouching down low in the tall sweet grass, she forced her body to change once again. Her head beaded in sweat. She calmed her breathing and prepared herself for whatever it may be that neared her, with a few more deep breaths Galisgia Waya stood up from her crouching positon, ready to face the new friend or foe....
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