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Excavation Site (Quartz / Open)

Long, healthy, green grass grows on endlessly rolling hills. A place to find delicious food for herbivores, a place to find easy prey for carnivores. Also great to just pick a hill to stand on and shout into the wind.

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Excavation Site (Quartz / Open)

Post by Lanadyr » Sun Oct 05, 2014 6:35 am

Quartz had found the buried treasure trove of broken mechanical parts only days before, but her enthusiastic digging had already produced a sizable hole in the landscape of endlessly rolling hills to the north. Early on, the sand-woman had used a few of the larger metallic pieces that she had found to fashion a crude shovel for herself, and this was aiding her ongoing efforts considerably.

On this particular day, Quartz had been at this excavation site since the early morning hours, and it was now noon. Her white dress was significantly less white than usual thanks to the layer of dirt now covering it, but this was the furthest thing from the fleukondthim’s mind. The morning had yielded several more fascinating mechanical pieces that could not only be repurposed to repair other devices, but could also provide more clues as to what, exactly, these mysterious bits of technology were and where they had come from.

Quartz was weary from the morning’s work, but not weary enough to stop. Large shovelfuls of dirt continued to be gracefully lobbed out of the hole at a relentless, clockwork pace, and the echoes of activity arising from the hole would have been equally perceptible to any passers-by.
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