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Journey Into “The” Mountain (Quartz / Triage / Open)

Nothing reaches as high as the mountains, the tallest peaks carrying snow even in summer time. But even so the eye will be drawn to that one oddity, that one that is referred to as "The" Mountain. From a distance it looks like a volcano, from up still looks like a volcano, but it isn't. A conveniently smooth path leads up to it's edge, and one can easily make their way inside the water filled crater for further exploration as well. This water is one of the main sources of life for the rest of these lands and while spectacular waterfall rush out of the crater, there are many more rivers that start their journey in here.

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Journey Into “The” Mountain (Quartz / Triage / Open)

Post by Lanadyr » Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:46 am

Quartz and Triage hadn’t quite finished settling into the forest. Quartz had been casually intending to more extensively explore the beaches and islands to the southeast, and Triage’s first few forays into the mists to the south had been so uneventful as to actually be suspicious. But all of that could wait.

What could no longer wait was “The” Mountain.

Gaeva had told the two friends about “The” Mountain shortly after they had arrived in the forest, and since then the mystery of the place had gnawed at Quartz’s mind until, one day, she finally felt compelled to act. After a bit of frustratingly uninformative solo aerial surveillance, and after a bit of cajoling on the part of the sand-woman, Triage agreed to accompany her friend on a more thorough investigation of the perpetually water-filled pseudo-volcano at the heart of the central range.

Early the next morning, the Filter was closed, and the following wooden sign was attached to the door:

“Going to explore The Mountain. You know which one.

The Filter will re-open when we finish, assuming we survive.

If you’re bored, feel free to join us.

Love, Quartz and Triage.”

Quartz lazily descended into the mountain range and onto the water-filled crater’s artificially smooth edge. As soon as she landed, Triage climbed down from the sand-woman’s arms with a very long rope, made from sturdy plant fibers, extensively wrapped around one of her shoulders. The plant-woman looked around for a moment, found a suitably sturdy location, near to the inner perimeter, several meters away in the rocky surface upon which she and her friend were both standing, and pointed to it. With a wordless understanding, Quartz immediately armed her enhanced bow with a thick wooden arrow, pulled the arrow back just a bit with a practiced hand, took quick aim, and loosed the arrow in such a way that its substantial destructive potential would dissipate almost immediately upon striking its rocky target.

As the sand-woman had anticipated, the arrow embedded itself into the rocky surface at a low angle with little collateral damage. Triage, upon seeing this, walked up to the large arrow and, satisfied that it was sufficiently immobile within the rock, began to tie one end of her long rope to the arrow and the other end to one of her own ankles.

As the plant-woman tied her knots, the sand-woman began to make adjustments to her mechanical glove’s targeting array that would allow it to interface with Triage’s own mechanical augmentations. This would allow Quartz to remotely monitor everything that Triage would see while the plant-woman was submerged within the massive, watery crater below…

”Ah!” Triage suddenly stood and turned back to face in Quartz’s general direction, her normally glowing eyes completely dark. ”I thought you said my eyes wouldn’t need to be rebooted this time! I can’t finish tethering myself until I can see again, you know!”

Quartz’s glove’s mechanical voice, somewhat distorted from the modifications currently being performed on the glove, came to life. ”My apologies, Triage. Your eyes should be functional again in a matter of moments.”

Triage sighed so loudly that she could be heard despite the rushing waterfalls all around them, just below their feet, not to mention the thin air and general openness of the mountainous heights at which they were currently operating. ”I suppose it doesn’t matter. It’s not exactly as if we’re in a hurry. How long do you think we should wait? We should give everyone else in the forest at least some chance of catching up to us before we do this.”

Quartz shrugged with two of her shoulders as she continued making adjustments to her glove. ”I flew here at quite a leisurely pace, as you no doubt noticed. If anyone saw the sign on our shop’s door, it would not be too difficult for them to intercept us in a timely fashion, provided that they can fly or otherwise move quickly.”

Triage nodded. ”That’s good. After all, you’re going to be relatively safe up here while I’m down there, and…well, it’s always best to not face potential danger alone.”
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