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(Elias) Insane Irrational Fears

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(Elias) Insane Irrational Fears

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{OOC: This is just a short, funny prompt-drabble that I decided to do involving Elias Lanner. Enjoy and comment on it if you want to!}

Your character runs into a random person while escaping from a enemy. What happens?

My character: Elias Lanner
Enemy: A cave system (sounds stupid but Elias has claustrophobia, the poor guy.)
Random Person: Uh… random-lady, yeah, that’s her name.

'No! No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! GET ME OUT OF HERE! I BLAME LUPUS!'

Elias ran around the tunnels wildly, twisting and turning as he dashed around but getting nowhere close to the open air. Was he panicking? Nope, he was several stops past that and had reached the think-irrational-thoughts-that-will-not-help-you-at-all stage, accompanied by unmanly shrieking.

Halfway through the hour, Elias suddenly ran straight into something that felt like fabric, causing him to let out a yelp as he jumped back, fur bristling along his spine.

“Whoa there, didn’t mean to scare you!” the woman said, putting up her hands in mock-surrender. “Wait… are you alright?”

‘Nope, no I’m not alright lady; now please get out of the way so I can find the exit? Oh Lupus the walls are closing in it’s too tight in here wheres the air oh no no no no IM DYING HELP ME FU—‘

He snapped off the running thoughts with a shake of his head before replying in a rather hysterical voice, “No I’m not okay, where are the exits?!”

“Hey, calm down, talking wolfie,” said random-lady soothingly. “And to answer your question… the exits are several thousand miles above you actually. And--”

Elias didn’t wait to hear the rest, speeding off again; the fact that the exits to this torturous maze were miles above him was, to say the least, completely freaking him out. He ran faster and faster, pushing himself to move even though he was pretty sure that he wasn’t moving upwards. A couple minutes later, the wolf was just about ready to collapse from exhaustion. And so he did, heavily landing on his left side with a whimper as the hard rock jarred his body.

The tunnels, they were closing in around him, they were too tight … they were like snakes, squeezing his body until he was limp and lifeless in their coils … darkness blurred his vision … no, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe! … he was dying …

Elias woke with a sudden yelp of panic, halfway to getting to his paws before realizing where he was. Looking around, he saw the familiar tent entrance and snow-covered boxes outside and around him. Outside the sky was still dark, around two or three in the morning.

“Just another nightmare,” the wolf muttered to himself, slowly lying back down. “A very illogical nightmare, come to think of it... Who was that lady?”