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There is no current plot. The forests welcome new travelers within these lands.
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Introductions Are In Order [Orb / Open]

As normal the rest of the forests seem, as weird this area looks like. Giant behemoth trees grown far above every other canopy. They can best be described as tall Live Oaks, their sturdy long branches growing sideways as well as upwards, and sturdy enough to support a unicorn.

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Introductions Are In Order [Orb / Open]

Post by Lanadyr » Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:24 am

Orb stood silently before the Unicorn Forest. She had been putting this off for long enough.

The little girl made of marbles was nervous, of course, but she felt that it was long past time for her to personally make herself known to the guardian of the forest, a creature that, up until now, at least, the Companion had only heard stories about. After all, Orb reasoned, it was only a matter of time before they would meet anyway, and Orb wanted the encounter to proceed as smoothly as possible. Although waltzing into Gaeva’s inner sanctum wasn’t exactly an ideal way of doing this, it still seemed more appealing than waiting patiently for a random confrontation.

Orb took a final moment to reconsider switching into her Caregiver Mode to make a more mature first impression on Gaeva, but she once again decided that it would be disingenuous to not remain in her default Friend Mode for this initial encounter. Without further deliberation, the Companion marched into the Unicorn Forest with as much confidence as she could muster and began speaking loudly to no one that she could see.

“Hello? Gaeva? Mysterious aloof guardian unicorn lady? My name’s Orb. I live in your forest now. I hope that’s okay. I just wanted to drop by to say hello. And maybe play a game of tag.”
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