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Zom Casket (brief reference to suggestive theme)

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Zom Casket (brief reference to suggestive theme)

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((Content is mild. Warning in title exists to err on the side of caution in compliance with forum rules.))

Name: Zom Casket (pseudonym; original name forgotten)

Species: Revenant, former human

Age: 511

Gender: Female

Appearance: Zom has the general appearance of a young adult human with dark pink, neck-length hair and medium brown skin, but her eyes are a strikingly deep red, her ears are long at the top and pointed, and her nails exhibit a clawlike sharpness and curved form. She can hide these features at will, appearing as a normal human with brown eyes, but the unnatural traits will reappear if she doesn't maintain the mental will to keep them hidden. With a standing height of 5'3" and a thin build, she doesn't cut the most imposing figure, but shows enough confidence under threat to disturb most potential aggressors into backing down all the same.

The outfit she entered the Forest in, typical of her preferred clothing style, consisted of a black leather sleeveless vest over a bright pink tank top, a black leather miniskirt and knee-high boots, a pair of horizontally-striped pink and black leggings, and a studded leather choker and pair of wristbands. A pair of small, skull-shaped silver earrings adorns her ears.

Personality: Characterized best as aggressive and relentless. She tends to be impulsive and restless in her demeanor, but also practical and efficient, preferring to do things now rather than later, and likes to face challenges that match her abilities. She is not cruel or spiteful, and is in fact rather put-off by overt displays of cruelty, but she has little use for moral or legal principles that limit her, and won't hesitate to run roughshod over them if they get in her way. She appreciates any respect shown to her and will return it in kind, even to an enemy, but once embattled will fight with an inhuman ferocity, ignoring any damage to herself with a singleminded focus on destroying her foe.

Being undead and sustained by necromantic magicks, Zom has no need for food, drink, or air, though she does continue to breathe out of autonomic habit, and will feel as though she is suffocating if air is unavailable. As her organic systems are no longer necessary, she can survive grievous injuries with little consequence and will rapidly recover from them, though she will feel all the pain they would have caused all the same.

Zom's physical strength and speed are greatly enhanced to extreme levels, and this allows her to perform feats well beyond human ability, but also means that she can smash herself against harder objects if she isn't careful. She is also capable of unassisted flight.

Her flesh is no more sturdy than that of a normal human, but injuries heal themselves rapidly. Broken bones set themselves and deep cuts disappear in seconds. Severed limbs can continue to move under her direction for several minutes after amputation, will immediately reattatch if held to the stump during that time, and will regrow otherwise. Sufficiently extensive damage can immobilize her for up to several hours before she can recover, however. Even if totally incinerated or disintegrated, her body would reconstitute itself somewhere moderately far away, but several weeks would pass before this happened.

Beneath the hood, everything about Zom is completely unnatural. As such, any magically or psychically sensitive creature could immediately sense something aberrant about her, and anyone attempting to magically or psionically scan her would gain nothing but an unpleasant experience for their efforts, akin to scraping their mind against a sheet of broken glass, with greater effort only producing worse effects.

If the necromantic energies comprising her essence were to be disrupted, she could be weakened or immobilized, depending on the strength and complexity of the magic involved, for however long the effect can be sustained. Divine powers will accomplish this most effectively. A religious symbol wielded in faith can frighten and weaken her, a divine artifact can do the same to a much greater degree - likely driving her away entirely, and pure holy energy channeled against her directly can return her temporarily to death's embrace.

So far, however, even Zom's herself has yet to discover any way in which she could be permanently destroyed. This is not for lack of trying.

Family: She vaguely remembers being a daughter of an Aztec merchant, but can recall few details of this life.

Known History:
A scant few memories of life remain to her, like the fleeting remnants of a fading dream. She lived in a great city - had thought it was the greatest in the world. She remembers peering across a lake to the lesser towns on the far shore, where merchants like her father would collect things to bring back. She remembers time spent attending to priestesses and learning religious things that she has now long forgotten.

Only one memory remains constant, always there to haunt her in the silent darkness - that of men clad in iron come to ravage the city and destroy that world. There was no escape. She died in pain and fear.

In the world of the dead, her pain became rage, howling out like a tempest, and a dark and foul spirit found her. A demon of many names and many faces, which had come with the men of iron from their land. The spirit told her she could live again, and have revenge. She accepted. And so Zom was born into the world.

For many years, she knew only rage at all the living. None knew her name, but a legend arose of a demon who stalked in dark places, slaying travellers who wandered alone through the wilderness, killing soldiers who ventured away from camp, falling on villages in the night and leaving a mound of corpses for the sun to find.

But the such vengeance began to lose its meaning, and she came to realize the rampant murder no longer pleased her.

With nothing else to live for now, she tried to return to death, but despite attempting everything she could conceive, the devil would not take back what he had given her. Blessing or curse, eternal life was to be her fate.

Eventually despairing any hope of ending her unnatural life, and seeing no further purpose, Zom gave over to the cynical pursuit of worldly pleasure, spending the next centuries as an outlaw. In the golden age of piracy, she took a ship of her own to plunder the high seas. When American trains began to bring wealthy passengers westward, Zom was there to rob them. And when the criminal underworld began to rise up on the streets of the cities, Zom muscled her way into the action.

This was the rogue's life she led, until one morning in the early 21st century...

How did your character find these lands?:
Zom thought her options through as she pulled her clothes back on. Getting the attention of Don Ferranti's favorite son had... certainly been an opportunity. Zom had her doubts that she would fly as a wife in a conservative Sicilian family, but even as a mistress, she could probably pull some influence if she played her cards right.

The kid seemed like a bit of a jerk, though. But he clearly did have some experience that counted...

"Hey," came a voice from the bedroom door, sharper than Zom liked, as the muscular young man emerged. "You goin' somewhere?"

Zom frowned at this.

"I've got work to do."

"Don't get smart with me, Maria," growled the kid, calling her by the false name Zom had given him. "You can leave when I say you can leave."

"... Well, that's unfortunate," Zom sighed, abandoning the plans she had been forming.


"I think we should see other people."

At that, the boy rushed forward furiously, and Zom felt the sting of a smack across her face. An instant later, before she had even realized it, Zom had belted him across the face, sending him spinning across the room to slam into the wall, then fall to the floor. Zom cursed under her breath as she watched the human shakily try to push himself up, only to drop back to the floor and stop moving. A pool of blood began to form around his mouth, and grew quite large very quickly.

"Well... shit," Zom stated.

She took a seat for a moment to think this through. Then she stood back up and returned to the bedroom, making for the closet to look for something less eye-catching to put on as she tried to decide which street gang had just killed the don's boy. A particularly vicious up-and-coming one based down by the docks sprang to mind. Maybe she would take the opportunity to do her public service for the year.

As she approached the closet, a man emerged from it. A man wearing a metal-scaled shirt, sword at his side, shield on his back, neatly-trimmed goatee on his face.

Zom was too taken aback by this to immediately spring at him.

"My apologies, miss," the man said. "I must have dialed in the wrong world."

"I'll say!" Zom hissed, but the man simply returned to the closet. "Hey, get back out here!"

Zom rushed to the closet and swung the door back open, but the man was nowhere to be seen. Without thinking, Zom pushed through the clothes hanging in front of her...

... And suddenly found herself in the middle of a rocky wasteland.

Anything Else We Need to Know?: It has been claimed that the fifth element is love. It's actually boron.

First RP in these lands:
"... What?"

Zom stood where she was for what might have been several minutes, processing what she was seeing. Then she turned to go back through the closet, only to find that it has disappeared.

She spent some more time trying to decide how to react to this. She eventually decided to indulge in a litany of excessive swearing that didn't do anything to alleviate the situation, but did make her feel better.

After several more minutes, she finally accepted that she was just going to have to start walking. She would surely reach something eventually. She could hope for an ocean, which would let her follow the shoreline until she found civilization, or anything at all that could pass for it.

Unless, of course, she was on some other world where there were no oceans. No oceans, no life, nothing but endless rocky wastes for eternity.

No! She wasn't going to believe that. That was useless.

So she walked. And walked. And walked some more. She also did some flying, but not too high. She liked the outfit she was wearing and didn't want the wind to damage it.

She was eventually rewarded with some grass on the ground, as the terrain became hilly. Perhaps this was only a minor blessing. It still wasn't a town, or even a village. But it was a tremendous relief all the same. At least she wasn't going to spend the rest of time stuck in a world of lifeless rock.

Feeling revitalized now, Zom wandered on.
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Re: Zom Casket (brief reference to suggestive theme)

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((ooc: Character accepted))
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