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Post by Gaeva Winged Unicorn » Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:56 am

Name: Gaeva

Species: Winged Unicorn

Age: 8, adult (equivalent of a human 30-year-old)

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is 6 feet at the withers, has a pale lavender coat, slightly darker manes and tail, dark purple eyes that lack any whites, a straight but spiraled, golden horn growing from her forehead above her eyes, wings the same color as her fur with a wingspan that is 3 times her bodylength, a long lion's tail with hair growing along its length, golden cloven hooves, black tipped feather on her wings, and feathering the same color as the rest of her body on her legs. She also has a large and rather hairy chest compared to the rest of her body that houses a large heart and set of lungs. At 6 feet she is small for her species.

As a humanoid woman she has red-brown skin the same colors as the trees, thigh-long hair the same color as her manes, golden colored nails on her fingers and toes, a circular, golden patch on her forehead, but her eyes will look exactly the same (albeit a little smaller).

Personality: While generally she is a good and fair person, Gaeva can become rather impatient quickly. She had hide this very well, but only if chooses to do so. She can also become very suspcious very fast and doesn't trust others unless they prove themselves to be trustworthy. However once in her good graces she is easily manipulated as it takes a lot to loose her trust. When something doesn't go her way Gaeva is very likely to resort to more drastic measures, though she will leave violence as the very last possible option. Intimidation however isn't beyond her.

She hates humans, she shows them no mercy. The more somebody resembles a human the more suspicious she will be of them, and the less goodwill she will show them.

She has some slight paranoia about others plotting against her. Especially two legged beings as they remind her of humans.

She is not opposed to lying or bending the truth, provided she is not talking to someone she likes or respects, or someone else doesn't get hurt from possible consequences (unless she doesn't like them, then she may do it intentionally).

Her own humanoid form is a great source of internal and emotional turmoil and conflict. While the opposable thumbs are fantastic, the body is hated. She recognizes it as a gift from the forest though and sees its advantages, she also realizes the hypocrisy compared to her treatment of other two legged beings. She will go through great lengths to hide these conflicts and thoughts though, to the point of (self)denial.

She believes in live and let live, and as long as whatever somebody is doing won't affect her, her forest, or her friends negatively, she won't want to interfere. Unless they are human, then she will make the time to make them miserable.

Traits: Her unicorn heritage allows her to neutralize poisons by physically touching them with her horn. If she ingests something before doing so however the poison will work normally. A physical poison thrown at her can still be neutralized if she can touch it with her horn in time, and if she can physically reach it.

She does not sweat, instead her body heat dissipates through her nostrils and through her hooves. She can also consciously choose to store this heat and letting it build up to release it as fire through her nostrils as a weapon. She can only do this if she's warmed up, if she's cold she won't even be able to blow smoke.

Her skin, horn and hooves are fireproof, flames and heat can't hurt her. Her feathers and hair however are normally flammable.

Her fire ability along with her furry coat makes it easier for her to withstand any cold.

If she stays in the same area during a natural winter the weather won't affect the place, Temperatures will stay mild instead and the flora will behave as if it's still summer. If she leaves for a while reality will catch up again.

She has the ability to make her wings and/or horn go invisible, though in the case of her horn a golden patch will show on her forehead. She can not fly when her wings are invisible, nor counteract poison or heal when her horn is invisible.

She can do some minor healing, just cuts and similar injuries, provided she can reach and touch the damaged area with her horn, on herself and on others. Deep wounds, sickness and pain she can't do anything about.

Like the rest of her species she can bond to nature. This can be anything from a single flower to a large area of connected nature. In Gaeva's case it's a large area of forest. She can communicate with the trees in this forest, though any information she receives is filtered through the bias and spiritual views of the trees. She can receive warnings however, and request favours of information. These bonds can be broken but at great mental and emotional cost.

Her bond allows her to create a mental shield of pure energy surrounding her forest to protect it, though as her forest is rather large, she would not be able to keep the shield up for more than a minute or two before needing to recharge.

She can fly very fast and is very agile in the air.

While her horn and hooves are as sharp as any others', her strength behind it is not. She can kick and bite hard of course, but lacks the insight and coordination to do harm to someone who knows what they're doing.

When she is within the boundaries of her bonded forest Gaeva can transform into a humanoid woman. This is done through the primal ancient magic locked with the trees of her forest, and thus she can only transform with the trees' permission. Considering she is pretty much always on good terms with her forest this doesn't pose much of a limit. Though rare, the forest can force her into her humanoid form without her permission. However she doesn't need permission to transform back to a unicorn, though she does need to consciously make the transformation happen, so if she is rendered unconscious in her humanoid form she will be stuck like that until she regains the conscious willpower to change back.

Her species have a strange affinity to music. They are drawn towards it and the sound can quite relax them to the point of forgetting where they are. This will not work for every kind of music of course: the melody and purity of the sound has great influence.

If she loses her horn she will instantly die. Thankfully this can not easily be done as magic makes it stronger than it looks and only magic or a magical weapon can take it off.

Family: Mother Ysna (deceased), father Belal (deceased), little brother Geaven (deceased), little sister Gaela (deceased), older sister.

Known History: Gaeva grew up in a loving family in a very large herd with others of her kind. From a very young age she was chosen to be trained and groomed to one day take a seat on the council that governed her herd. When she was a teenager humans moved to build a village near the unicorns' lands, and the two people lived in peace side by side, even helping each other out now and then, but there was little day to day contact.

When Gaeva was nearing adulthood a plague spread out among the humans, and the healers of her herd moved in to help their neighbors as best as they could. The other unicorns also tried to help out by tending to the humans' lands and providing support and transportation wherever they could. As part of her training Gaeva spent a lot of time in the human village, honing her diplomatic and management skills. Her parents and siblings often came to visit her there, along with other unicorns who couldn't provide much help but kept their relatives company all the same.

During one such visits when the unicorns were starting to think about moving back to their own lands now that the plague had mostly passed and the humans could take of themselves again, they were ambushed by a brutal surprise attack during the night. The humans had been impressed by the magic the unicorns had shown over and over again, and intended to take it for themselves by taking the unicorns' horns. While most unicorns managed to get away, many were captured and overpowered, especially the tired healers, the foals who could not yet fly, and the heavier sleepers. The captured were quickly robbed of their horns, proving that the humans had been plotting this for a while as it takes a magical weapon to accomplish this. The loss of their horn means death to a unicorn.

Among the casualties were Gaeva's younger brother Geaven, who had only just started to learn how to fly, and her younger sister Gaela who could barely talk yet. Gaeva, her parents and her older sister managed to survive the attack, and along with the other survivors fled when they realized they could no longer save the killed unicorns. Back with the main herd a counter attack was quickly organized and an army of their guardians was sent back tot he village to retaliate with fatal violence. Unfortunately the humans had counted on this and while the herd's strongest protectors were gone, the remainder of the herd was once again surprised with an attack. While the unicorns managed to defend themselves a lot better this time, they were up against skilled hired warriors who could either fly themselves, or had mounts that could. Flying to safety was not an option this time, and the mostly peaceful unicorns started to fall one after the other.

Young Gaeva did her best to help and defend her loved ones, but she had been trained for patient negotiation, not physical battle. Through mostly luck she managed to survive long enough for the guardians of their herd to return, and witnessed their attackers' quick and planned retreat. Her herd had been decimated, not only her younger siblings but also her parents had been killed, leaving only herself and her older sister as survivors of her immediate family.

In the time that followed the herd tried to recuperate from the massive loss and trauma, while constant missions were organized to make the humans pay with their lives. Most of the humans had left the village the same night of that first attack though, the unicorns could not find out where to. The surviving unicorns had mostly been the youngest and strongest, still unbonded, and slowly they started to leave the herd by themselves or in small groups, eager to leave the bad memories behind. Gaeva's sister wanted to do the same, but waited for her younger sister to reach official adulthood before doing so. Gaeva declined joining her as she wanted to stay and help find the missing humans. After a while however the herd had to give up. More left and the ones who stayed behind became passive and quiet.

Finally giving up herself Gaeva left the herd by herself, intending to find her sister and join her after all, but she had no idea where she had gone, and could not find a single clue to track her down.

How did your character find these lands?: Gaeva gave up looking for her sister when she found this forest, somehow feeling herself attracted by the very trees. Figuring she had nowhere left to go she decided to settle down here, and bonded to the giant trees that had attracted her to the area in the first place.

Anything Else We Need to Know?: Gaeva will defend her part of the forest, but is a lot less interested in the rest of it, so long as it leaves her alone.

First RP in these lands:
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