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Cybernetically Augmented Split-Thorn

(The base species of split-thorns originates from the Maw, a meta-universe in which the rules of time are sometimes more malleable than is typical).


About 25 years old (it’s hard to keep exact track of one’s age after so much inter-dimensional travel), young adult.




Triage has the rough outline of a humanoid female of average height and build. This outline is almost completely filled with a mass of variously-sized, tightly-packed vines, each of them a very dark gray-green (verging on black) and covered in narrow thorns, spines, and brambles of various lengths (up to about three centimeters in some cases). The inside of this vine-form appears to be illuminated with a sickening medium blue light, and this same blue light manifests as a pair of large, bright orbs of light within Triage’s otherwise empty eye sockets (she can turn this light off, but only through continuous concentration, and so typically bothers to do so only when either simulating blinking or attempting stealthiness). She has a wide, expressive, gaping maw of a mouth (with no actual teeth, but enough semi-hard matter within the mouth, including additional brambles, to allow her to speak properly by billowing air through her form) and large, equally expressive vine-eyebrows, as well as large, flat, leaf-like ears (each coming to two points, one oriented upward, the other oriented back and away from the face), but no nose (though she can still “smell” using chemical receptors located throughout her body). Her “hair” is composed of a long, matted cascade of thin, sickly-seeming green ivies peppered with their own small ash-gray flowers and, of course, more thorns. Additionally, she has fin-like appendages of various sizes that run along her extremities at hydrodynamics-friendly locations and angles to allow her to swim with a great deal of dexterity. Triage tends to carry a smell about her somewhere between an earthy musk and a compost heap, though insects still tend to avoid her for supernatural reasons. She speaks in a slightly disturbing, slightly guttural (but obviously still female) voice, and moves with a slightly hunched, graceless lurching that still conveys a great deal of power. Triage doesn’t typically make use of weapons, armor, equipment, or even clothing, though extenuating circumstances can arise (and, in fact, have arisen during her travels throughout the polyverse).


Despite her off-putting appearance and demeanor, Triage has a generally good-hearted nature and is a nice enough person, all things considered. She tends to be snide and sarcastic when dealing with others, but that’s only because the actions of others tend to befuddle her, and her snark usually comes off as nothing more than a dry but agreeable sense of humor. Even when she finds herself in dire circumstances, Triage adopts a mien of cynicism and gallows humor that conveys disappointment and anger, but also a grim resolve.

Triage has seen a great deal during her life of violence, but just because it is very difficult to shock her with novelty doesn’t mean that she can’t be impressed with competence. Triage approaches dangerous situations with the respect they deserve, no more and no less, and, though she is sometimes afraid of these situations in the strictest sense, she is something of an adrenaline junkie and uses the fear to her advantage.

The split-thorn spends her leisure time being active, and she particularly enjoys climbing things (she prefers the tall buildings of cityscapes, but trees and mountains are good, too) and swimming. She also always keeps an eye out for powerful creatures that wouldn’t mind a bit of friendly sparring so that she can keep her combat skills fine-tuned at all times.

Triage has no true, vested interest in the concept of “good”, but she is VERY interested in opposing the concept of “evil” using the tools at her disposal. She originally left her home meta-dimension of the Maw because she no longer had any interest in the perpetual hate, rage, and tyranny that the foul place had to offer her. Triage now commits herself to stopping those that would perpetuate these types of subtle and gross warfares wherever she might go. In general, Triage tries to be accommodating of others’ actions, provided that said actions do not bring any harm to others, but she also understands the value of an occasional pre-emptive strike against the darkness about her (though, unfortunately, this understanding remains wrapped up in a mild but omnipresent instinctual desire to fight, making the split-thorn somewhat unreliable with respect to judging when such pre-emptive strikes are necessary).


Physical Form: Triage, like all split-thorns, is a mass of sentient, supernaturally enhanced vines. This form allows her a small amount of shape-shifting capabilities (she can, for example, extend vines out of her arms to entangle nearby opponents, and she can spin vines around to point the maximum number of brambles at opponents’ weak points), but mostly it simply makes her as physically durable as she is physically dangerous. She is much stronger than she looks, which has consequences with respect to, for examples, physical attacks, jumping, climbing, and running (the latter of which she sometimes enhances even further by adjusting the lengths of her arms and legs and dropping down on all fours), and each nearly-black vine of her form is tougher to cut through than a tight coil of well-made chain mail (and because she doesn’t have much in the way of vital organs, a great many of these vines would need to be severed to mortally wound her). This strength and durability are, furthermore, significantly enhanced by the cybernetics within her form that give her body, and especially her relatively new eyes, their off-putting medium blue glow. She can also operate below water as easily as she can operate above water thanks to her species’ fin-like structures and the fact that she can go hours at a time without being exposed to air with no ill effects. Of course, being covered in thorns brings with it certain distinct disadvantages as well. Triage has a difficult time wearing any clothing without puncturing and damaging it, and physical closeness (outside of her own species, at least) is problematic under most circumstances. Furthermore, the fact that her form has a significant technological aspect to it makes her unusually susceptible to both electricity and magnetism for an ostensibly plant-based creature, and even small amounts of either phenomenon are capable of temporarily scrambling her motor functions and/or knocking her unconscious for hours at a time. It should also be noted here that, mechanical enhancements notwithstanding, her form maintains normal biological needs, and Triage still needs to “eat” (i.e. spend a non-trivial of time in the sun for photosynthesis), drink (which she takes care of by soaking in water and sometimes other liquids), and sleep.

Plant Manipulations and Telepathy: Triage can control the plant life around her, driving it into controlled metabolic frenzies to instantaneously grow, shrink, bloom, or otherwise move individual plants to suit her purposes. She can even uproot them or otherwise damage them through these actions, though she is loathe to do so, as she can also speak with plants and is well aware of the rich inner lives of even the most seemingly mundane weeds and bushes. She can basically perform both these manipulations and this telepathy upon any plant within eyeshot and/or in physical contact with her, and though there’s technically no limit to how many individual manipulations she can perform simultaneously, more complex operations require more focused manipulations (for example, she could easily make dozens of bushes bend a bit to the side simultaneously, but could only make a single vine pick a lock at a time).

Timeline Splitting: Split-thorns originate from a sub-universe within the Maw through which multiple, slightly diverging time lines exist simultaneously. Triage’s species, as a form of adaptation, is capable of choosing between these split but interrelated time lines, existing in any or all of them simultaneously, even in universes with more standard temporal characteristics. This means that split-thorns can seem to quite literally split, separating into multiple identical beings that each commit themselves to the same general course of action, albeit with divergent methodologies, before re-converging into a single form once again. Primarily, this allows them to hunt both intelligent and unintelligent prey more effectively by attacking from multiple simultaneous angles, though other uses of the ability sometimes arise, as has occurred multiple times during the course of the eventful life that Triage has lived and continues to live. However, manipulating simultaneous timeframes always brings with it the risk of creating temporal paradoxes. Because split-thorns only follow along closely related timelines, this possibility is minimized, but it still exists, and the consequences for these paradoxes could range anywhere from amusing to devastating. The most common such situation arises when a single version of Triage is hurt during a split; upon recombining, the injury might remain, completely disappear, or transform into an even worse injury, depending upon how the timelines randomly interact. Furthermore, Triage’s consciousness is divided amongst all of her time-split duplicates whenever she makes use of this ability, making the coordination of anything more complicated than, say, an all-out assault on a single opponent rather difficult.

Camouflage: Triage, thanks to a bizarre gift bestowed upon her by the grateful inhabitants of a universe simply called “Green”, has the supernatural ability to bend light around her body in a manner that effectively shields her from visual detection both above and below water. Because this effect involves the production of a mystical aura around her person, she can use this ability effectively even when carrying small objects, as these items would be included within the aura (though not much else could be included beyond that, which renders her ability to make others invisible extremely limited). Although this light-bending invisibility effect is impressive, it is restricted to visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths of light. She cannot hide herself from detection techniques based on other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays. And, of course, she can still be detected by any other senses no matter how invisible she is.

Evil Creature: Triage, despite being a good(ish) individual, is a supernaturally evil creature. She comes across as capital-E Evil to the relevant supernatural effects (up to and including being burned by appropriately blessed materials), and even non-supernatural folks, at least at first, tend to feel a bit uneasy about her, as if she just did, or is about to do, something dreadful.


Triage is completely separated, physically and otherwise, from her biological family. The only family she has left is her best friend Quartz.

Known History:

Triage was born in the Maw, a dark and hellish collection of dimensions and not-quite-dimensions. Her lot in life was to be recruited by someone bigger than her to die for something smaller than her, but, as it turned out, she was one of those rare, willful souls of the Maw who decided to rebel against this fate.

Triage, when she first became aware enough of her circumstances to realize that she wanted no part of them, simply became determined to leave the Maw as soon as she was able, but this determination eventually evolved past the decision of escape, and her growing desires quickly focused upon a larger goal: to fight the potential spread of the Maw and the rise of similar places and the psychotic ideologies that hold them together.

The first step of such a crusade, however, remained to leave, which was no easy task. Her escape, when she finally found an opportunity to undertake it, was a seemingly endless, nightmarish affair that nearly killed her. After countless confrontations filled with brutal combats and close escapes throughout the entirety of the Maw, she eventually found a means to finally escape the meta-dimension, though she was sent hurtling through the polyverse in a deadly ball of metaphysical fire as a consequence of this means. Eventually, the trans-dimensional fireball exploded upon an unknown planet, and Triage, enraged because of her latest round of fresh injuries and insensible with pain from mortal wounds and delirious from a long period of searing heat and terrified of the death that she knew was coming, looked about her surroundings and threatened the few giant butterfly-like things and even more giant mounds of plant life that dared to approach her.

It was only then, after she had given up all hope and simply wished to keep the planet’s inhabitants at bay just long enough for a relatively peaceful death, that Quartz approached her.

Quartz was another one of the giant flying things, yet different, at least to Triage. The two of them came to a fast, adrenaline-fueled understanding, and Quartz whisked the newly-calmed split-thorn to a monolithic mass of technologically advanced ruins. It was in the heart of these ruins that Quartz submitted the nearly-dead body of Triage to the not-so-tender mercies of machines from her planet’s past, knowing that they were her new, critically-wounded friend’s only hope.

It only required minutes for the automated mechanisms to do their work, though the time seemed much longer to the desperately pained Triage. When it was over, the split-thorn was alive, and she didn’t dwell too much on the negative side effects as she thanked her new friend for giving her life back.

Triage and Quartz’s fast and deep friendship, however, did not sit well with the normally xenophobic inhabitants of the planet of Susenim. In response to their hostility, Triage and Quartz travelled to the deepest reaches of Susenim to find the ancient portal technologies rumored to have been possessed by the now-vanished technomancers that had called the planet home ages ago. When they found a still-functioning portal and activated it, they stepped inside, left their old lives behind, and began their explorations of the infinite expanses of the polyverse.

The journey was dangerous, harrowing, maddening, and…incredibly satisfying. Triage and Quartz lived for ten years as a mysterious pair of strangers that arrived in a dimension, did their best to clear whatever metaphorical darknesses blighted their immediate surroundings, accepted whatever accolades and rewards the typically stunned citizenry could manage on short notice, and left to proceed with their next errand of mercy, always looking for a place that could potentially serve as a home, even if they dared not acknowledged it, even to themselves, for fear of disappointment.

How did your character find these lands? / First RP in these lands:

The portal opened. The first thing to pass through it was a humanoid female, made of green-but-almost-black, thorn-covered vines, that glowed with an eerie medium blue light from her depths. Her similarly glowing medium blue eyes quickly surveyed her surroundings, saw no threats, and turned back to the portal with a smile apparent both on her face and in her somewhat-disturbing voice.

“Oh, you’re going to love this, Quartz. Come on through.”

A second being then emerged from the portal, twice as tall as the first one but hunched over to fit through the gap in reality, a “stretched” humanoid, seemingly made of sand, with four arms and butterfly wings. She straightened herself upon exiting the portal (which closed immediately behind her), stepped forward while gently brushing the first being’s shoulder with one of her hands in silent thanks, and looked about.

A calm but still somehow relieved feminine voice came from a mechanical glove the second being wore. “This place is…incredible. Do I smell real pollen in the air, Triage? It’s been at least three universes since I’ve smelled real pollen.”

The thorny being nodded in approval, cracked her knuckles (or at least her plant-based equivalent of knuckles), and shared the pastoral view with her friend. “Yeah, you noticed that too, eh? Good call on opening this portal and not one of the other three. Looks like we’ve hit pay dirt with this idyllic sylvan glen.”

Quartz looked down at her shorter friend and conveyed affection through a gentle tilt of her head. She then moved two of her hands in a horizontal circular motion, clearly conveying her desire to reconnoiter the area.

Triage didn’t bother to look up at Quartz as the darker being continued to soak in her surroundings, though she caught the hand motions out of the corner of her eye. The plant-being’s voice was less enthusiastic than before, but not quite disappointed.“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. How good are you feeling about splitting up? I can set up a base camp around here somewhere while you go bird’s-eye.”

Quartz glanced up at the thick canopy of trees high above them, thought a moment, sharply nodded in approval of the plan, then simply made a series of hand motions toward Triage that clearly conveyed I’ll be back in one hour, maybe two to her friend.

Triage, catching the motions out of the corner of her eye once again, moved one of her own hands in a lazy, semi-mocking but still-affectionate salute in the sand-creature’s vague direction. “Have fun.”


Triage hummed tunelessly as she wandered about the immediate area. She was rather enjoying the peacefulness about her, an exceedingly rare feature of her and Quartz’s journeys, and her guard, perhaps unwisely, was a bit lowered. But only a bit.

Eventually, she found a close-cropped mass of thick shrubbery that was healthy and voluminous enough to meet her needs. She then began speaking to it aloud.

“Well, hey, there! My, aren’t you all some good-looking heartbreakers?”

The plants responded, at least to Triage’s perceptions. ”Oh, hi! Someone is talking to us, and it doesn't have four legs! Are you new here?”

Triage responded, once again audibly. “As a matter of fact, I am. I sure hope you don’t mind if I shape you guys into a shelter for me and my friend. We’re going to need a place to rest for the evening.”

”Uh…is it…is it going to hurt?”

“Of course not!” Triage motioned to her almost-black, bizarrely glowing frame a bit. ”Don’t let the color scheme fool you. As a rule, I don’t hurt plants. Plants are good people.”

Without further deliberation, the split-thorn casually held her hands towards the mass of plant life and quickly (but carefully) grew and bent the shrubbery into a small, low enclosure that could accommodate even the tall Quartz (albeit barely) for the evening. Although it wasn’t waterproof, Quartz could cover the enclosure with her own waterproof tent if as much was needed.

Satisfied with her work, Triage raised her arms to stretch herself a bit, lowered them back to her sides, and then looked about at the forest around her once again.

This place is SO nice. I feel at home here, and I’ve never felt at home anywhere!
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