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Post by Gaeva Winged Unicorn » Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:04 am

Name: Meali

Species: Winged unicorn

Age: 5, young adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Meali is light blue in color, with violet manes and hair growing along the length of her lion-like tail. Her manes are longer than usual for her species, and come to her chest. She has a golden spiraled horn growing from the center of her forehead right above her eyes, and golden cloven hooves with sharp edges. She has dark violet colored eyes, with no whites showing. She also has a glowing, white, dragon scale shaped in the form of a crescent moon hanging from a green, beaded string, which is tied into her manes. The feathers on her wings have black tips, a sign she can fly. Fully mature now she stands at over 7 feet at the withers. She has a very muscular body, but not in a bulky way.

Personality: Meali grew up as a happy go lucky foal with a chatty personality, and friendly disposition, eager to befriend anybody and everybody. But due to a string of events during her life in Deep Forest she changed. She became more paranoid, maturing faster than she normally would have, and not quite so trusting anymore. She became silent, her thoughts becoming grimmer and slowly turned into a distrusting pessimist. Eventually faced with what she was turning into, she decided to take things into her own hooves, and started to teach herself how to defend both herself and others so she would no longer need to live in fear.

On the outside she seems to be a confident, strong and capable young warrior who can handle herself just fine, and can be just as chatty and friendly as she used to be as a young foal, though she is more challenging and forward than she used to be. But on the inside doubt still festers, fueling the fear she tries to hide from. Fear that one day she will encounter somebody or something who will make her feel completely helpless again. When she sees someone else who is helpless (in her eyes anyway), especially a child, she can become enraged and actively (physically) hostile to whatever is threatening them.

She will also not easily vollunteer anything about herself and if pushed too far with questions she can became angry or agressive. Or both.

Traits: Her unicorn heritage allows her to neutralize poisons by physically touching them with her horn. If she ingests something before doing so however the poison will work normally. A physical poison thrown at her can still be neutralized if she can touch it with her horn in time, and if she can physically reach it.

She does not sweat, instead her body heat dissipates through her nostrils and through her hooves. She can also consciously choose to store this heat and letting it build up to release it as fire through her nostrils as a weapon. She can only do this if she's warmed up, if she's cold she won't even be able to blow smoke.

Her skin, horn and hooves are fireproof, flames and heat can't hurt her. Her feathers and hair however are normally flammable.

Her fire ability along with her furry coat makes it easier for her to withstand any cold.

If she stays in the same area during a natural winter the weather won't affect the place, Temperatures will stay mild instead and the flora will behave as if it's still summer. If she leaves for a while reality will catch up again.

She can do some minor healing, just cuts and similar injuries, provided she can reach and touch the damaged area with her horn, on herself and on others. Deep wounds, sickness and pain she can't do anything about.

Like the rest of her species she can bond to nature. This can be anything from a single flower to a large area of connected nature. In Meali's case she bonded to a large oak tree back in her old home, but when she was transported to another dimension this bond was broken. She will have to bond all over again. These bonds can be broken but at great mental and emotional cost.

Her body is strong and she knows how to fight with not just horn, hooves and teeth, but her mind and her body as a whole as well. While it's only been two years she has dedicated a lot of that time to training to be a warrior but even so a more experienced fighter can still beat her.

When enraged she will not be thinking clearly and can be outmanouvered if her opponent uses this to his advantage. She can be tricked into getting enraged by using her fears against her. Sometimes just calling her weak will do it but usually it will take a bit more manipulation than just namecalling.

She is also a telepath, though this skill is still underdeveloped as she only uses it to scan for others/danger around herself. She can however also use it to communicate with others but only over short distances. She has also learned how to hide her own mind from others though telepaths stronger than herself will be able to break through this if they're near her.

Her species have a strange affinity to music. They are drawn towards it and the sound can quite relax them to the point of forgetting where they are. This will not work for every kind of music of course: the melody and purity of the sound has great influence.

If she loses her horn she will instantly die. Thankfully this can not easily be done as magic makes it stronger than it looks and only magic or a magical weapon can take it off.

She's afraid of confining spaces, especially if they are dark.

Family: Father Geaven, mother Nirri (deceased), aunt Gaeva (alternate version), grandmother Ysna, grandfather Belal, grandfather Perrin, grandmother on mother's side, and her uncle, the brother of her mother. Also her half siblings Jahran and Zahli.

Known History: Born in a very large herd Meali was very young when she lost her mother. She does remember her though, even though she is not always willing to admit this, wishing to keep this a personal thing. When only a few months old her father left the herd along with her aunt, and took Meali with him. She enjoyed the travels, but loved the forest they finally settled in. She led a happy life, protected and loved by her father and aunt, and befriended by many of the other forest inhabitants. Yet she became a target of evil plots, something that has shaped her personality and continues to do so.

After having faced more than a child should she started to isolate herself, struggling with her new fears and emotions. While still a child she refused to be dependant on others, though at the same time she was desperate to be protected. This duality started to make her hate herself, the helplessness that she blamed for everything that had happened to her. When confronted by this Meali tried to put a stop to it before it could consume her, and without a good way to battle herself she started to train to do battle on the outside instead. Learning from whoever in the forest was willing to teach her -and sometimes not so willing or even aware of what they were doing- Meali became physically stronger and more confident. This confidence calmed down her paranoia somewhat though not completely as fear is still a part of her.

After her father disappeared and the barrier around the Meadow of Peace ceased to exist Meali became convinced her father had died. Grief Stricken and riddled with guilt for the way she had been avoiding him for so long the filly nearly lost herself. Her newly formed bond with her twin siblings and the support of her aunt were all that got her through it. Afterwards she became obsessed with protecting children to make sure they would feel the safety she couldn't.

After first learning she had two half siblings Meali first would have nothing to do with them. Then eventually out of pity and a need to protect them she started to spend more time in their presence. While she never became their playmate she did become a companion, though she never shows her affections openly. To an outsider she can even appear to be cold and demeaning to them, but in truth they have became close and she has become very fond and protective of her brother Jahran in particular, the "weaker" twin, who in turn delights in her company no matter what mood she's in. He's the only one Meali will occasionally show how she really feels.

While she used to have a very close relationship with her aunt, Gaeva, this was no longer so. While she still loved her aunt, valued her opinion and would actively seek her advice, she no longer sought comfort in her presence as she did as a child. Feeling that opening up to her aunt and reveal her own doubts and fears would disappoint her, Meali kept this hidden as she very much wanted Gaeva to think highly of her and earn her approval.

How did your character find these lands?: One day while in the midst of a battle for the very survival of her home she found herself transported to a place very much like Deep Forest, yet at the same time very different. Meali doesn't know how this happened, nor why. She did however find a younger and slight different looking version of her aunt Gaeva who did not recognize her. Stuck here Meali will have to find a way to deal with what has happened to herself, to her old home, and in the past of her new home.

Anything Else We Need to Know?: Don't think so.

First RP in these lands: [coming up]
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