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Post by Lanadyr » Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:26 pm




Salinated Pana-Wolf


About 114 years old, assuming Earth years, but she stopped keeping track a long time ago




Rayboz is a canid that possesses a timberwolf's general size and physique, but her skin is a hairless, leathery hide covered in a haphazard patchwork of thick, cloth-like wrappings that might have been white at one point but have since darkened to a dull gray with over a century's worth of unwashed detritus. She has white, crystalline eyes that glow slightly in the dark and large ears as sharply pointed as the teeth in her long, broad snout. She moves with a slight ungainliness and otherwise possesses a below-average athleticism for a wolf of her size and build. Her voice is tinged with a huskiness that might be mistaken as evidence of her advanced age, but is simply due to the dry, half-dead tissue within her throat.


Rayboz is somewhat quiet, but this is not from introversion. She is simply, aside from a few specific topics related to her mission, not terribly curious about the world around her. She typically learns enough about her surroundings and those that inhabit them to determine how best to remain safe (most importantly, how to remain dry) and entertained, then leaves it at that. Rayboz is primarily motivated during her interdimensional travels by a desire to stay alive (or at least semi-alive, given her salinated state). Her continued survival is a critical component of the mission that her species of pana-wolves was created to undertake in the first place, as she can't find a new home for her planet's endangered-at-least inhabitants if she's no longer active. Once she finds a suitable relocation site, however, Rayboz will feel honor-bound to protect it to the best of her abilities, up to and including her own demise, out of a hard-won understanding of how rare such a site is.

This all isn't to say that Rayboz is a single-minded hermit that remains completely inactive whenever possible, however. She gets bored easily and enjoys indulging in her baser instincts, even when those indulgences make no rational sense. For example, although she no longer needs to eat much at all, she still actively hunts large prey animals. Because of such proclivities, Rayboz has a natural fondness for fellow sentient canids that possess similar instincts and takes no small pleasure in their company when it makes itself available.

One of the most important criteria for a resettlement site is that it have at least some resistance to the technology-based threat that invaded her home universe. As a lingering consequence of the nature of this threat, Rayboz is naturally disinclined to trust either advanced technology or those who rely too heavily upon it. This is a fairly minor prejudice, however, and she can be convinced of the benignancy of any given technology-wielding individual without too much effort.


Semi-Living State - Rayboz has undergone an alchemical salinization process, known as the Benefice, that has transformed the pana-wolf into something like an undead mummy (up to and including the wrappings that still cover her), but not quite. Her body is in a salty state of severe but variable desiccation, meaning that she can basically make different parts of her body alive and dead as she sees fit by mentally adjusting how much bodily fluid is in any given location. Rayboz, consequently, needs extremely little in the way of food or drink or sleep or even air, as her metabolism is quite limited. Attempting to explicitly target her vital organs with attacks will almost always fail, as none of her organs can presently be considered "vital", and what little remains of her healing processes can be focused with extreme precision on small amounts of temporarily-living tissue to rapidly mend her own wounds. Furthermore, she no longer ages at any appreciable rate, and biological hazards such as poisons and diseases can simply be sequestered in dead tissues, neutralized if necessary, and eliminated at her leisure. Unfortunately, this desiccated state also means that Rayboz' physiology on the whole doesn't react very well to liquids, and if she comes into contact with significant amounts of liquid (i.e. anything approaching rain, let alone complete submersion), it will rapidly absorb through her thick hide and she will begin to act more and more erratically as her dried-out nervous system become increasingly scrambled. If exposure continues, what remains of her salt-based lymphatic system will completely dehisce within the newly introduced liquid and she will basically dissolve into a puddle. Due to the only partially rational alchemical nature of her salinated state, liquids would not necessarily need to possess the normally expected traits (such as the ability to dissolve normal salts) to cause these detrimental effects.

Electromagnetic Fields - By design, the salinization procedure that allows pana-wolves to live indefinitely also produces a marked enhancement in their already naturally intense bioelectric fields. Rayboz can now deliver powerful electric shocks, either by touch or as an arc of pseudo-lightning at about two to three meters' distance, from any part of her body. She can and often does adjust the strength of these discharges enough to at least attempt to avoid lethality, as she has no interest in killing fellow sentient beings unless it's absolutely necessary. She can also use her enhanced electromagnetics to manipulate magnetic metal objects almost as if she were telekinetic, and can even sweep electrostatic charges over herself to pull lightweight bits of dust and debris away from her body and wrappings, keeping herself at least somewhat clean despite her inability to get herself wet. Most importantly, at least from her own standpoint, Rayboz is capable of producing technology-overloading electromagnetic pulses at will from her own person that can shut down all susceptible electronic and mechanical equipment in about a thirty-meter radius. Salinated pana-wolves require these capabilities, at least in part, to compensate for their inherent lack of strength and agility, as they are only tough and coordinated enough after undergoing The Benefice to physically go toe-to-toe with relatively defenseless prey animals.

Techno-exteroception - Alchemically layered upon a salinated pane-wolf's personal electromagnetic fields is a kind of sixth sense that allows them to not only detect the presence of all types of technology in a given location, but also to assess how hospitable a given location would be to the presence of certain types of invisible femtotechnology. This sense is the key to a pane-wolf's ability to determine whether or not a new dimension, or at least a portion thereof, could serve as a suitable resettlement site for the other inhabitants of their home world. This alchemical sense extends roughly as far as a pane-wolf's standard senses, and if a pana-wolf can perceive a location with another sense, they can assess that location with this sixth sense as well.

Alchemical Slippage - Pana-wolves have a non-technological capacity to slip from dimension to dimension laced into their semi-functional organs, though it only becomes active upon a pana-wolf undergoing The Benefice. The choice of dimension is outside of the control of the pana-wolf in question (instead being determined automatically by the slippage mechanism itself, typically within a few days of the last successful slippage), but when to actually perform the slippage is under their control. The original theory behind this design choice was that pana-wolves would be continuously and automatically shunted to various potential relocation sites until a suitable site were to be found (at which point they would simply stop choosing to slip into the next dimension), and that the lack of foresight of what the next dimension might hold would not allow the canids to unilaterally decide that the next dimension would be worse than the then-current one, and therefore not worth investigating, for arbitrary reasons.

Alchemical Tether - The Benefice causes many changes in pana-wolves, and one of these changes transforms the formerly living creatures into unliving beacons that can be tracked across countless dimensions by the other inhabitants of their home world. This tethering also allowed the pana-wolves themselves to initiate communications with their home world at their own discretion, typically to request additional information or other forms of assistance, but this ability has been of little use as of late.


As all pana-wolves are considered to be a part of the same extended family, given their genetic similarities, Rayboz technically has thousands or relatives. Obviously, however, she is not in contact with any of them at the present time, which limits their relevance. If large-scale contact were to be somehow re-established between Rayboz and her kin, it would most likely occur after one of the pana-wolves had found a suitable relocation site, and this would yield an unprecedented situation with respect to pana-wolf social dynamics.

Known History:

Rayboz was born over a century ago on the planet Tah Geerin Tah, a world skirting the ragged edge of a dying universe known as the Hotbox. The Hotbox was at the last stages of a harvesting of its very laws of physics by a cloud of femtotechnological invaders from an outside universe, and this meant that logical assumptions of cause and effect could no longer be relied upon. Fortunately, the inhabitants of Tah Geerin Tah had long ago mastered the pseudoscientific arts of alchemy, and these arts remained relatively immune to the existential decay surrounding them.

The pana-wolves of Tah Geerin Tah were a young but proud species, created by the older races of their planet centuries before Rayboz' birth to serve as extra-dimensional scouts, tasked with seeking out a new plane of existence to inhabit. However, these pana-wolves had not yet found a suitable universe unsullied by the same femtocloud that had destroyed their own by the time Rayboz had come of age.

Rayboz accepted her lot in life eagerly, undergoing The Benefice and beginning her scouting expeditions as soon as she was allowed to do so. However, about six years ago, she found that she could no longer contact her planet's elders within the Hotbox, most likely due to its ever-increasing state of decay. Nonetheless, she continued her travels, and her search for a safe haven, with the hope that at least some of the other inhabitants of Tah Geerin Tah were still active somewhere in the polyverse and would seek her out through her alchemical tether when the time was right.

How did your character find these lands? / First RP in these lands:

If anyone in that particular area of the Forest were watching at that exact moment, it would have appeared that the fabric of reality had bent in on itself for a moment. When the center of that bending returned to its original location, it brought with it a four-legged creature, something like a mummified wolf, that gazed about warily at her surroundings with white, crystalline eyes.

She noticed it instantly, as she had been trained to do almost a century ago, but she didn't quite trust her perceptions at first. After all, she had passed through countless universes before this one, and this was the first one that felt not just untouched by her planet's nemesis...but untouchable.

There was something here, in this universe, or at least in this forest, that would actively and effectively resist the femtocloud that had destroyed her universe if it were to try to do the same here. She couldn't determine what, exactly, would produce this resistance, but its nature was not important to her, as the simple fact of its existence was more than sufficient to, at long last, label her mission a success.

Once she had convinced herself that her long search was over, she allowed herself a genuine but somewhat haunted smile to reflect the bittersweetness within her semi-undead heart at that moment. Now the only task that remained to her was to settle into her new surroundings and patiently wait for whatever might have been left of her home world's inhabitants to find her.

Rayboz slowly, and somewhat awkwardly, walked forward to further evaluate her new home.
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Re: Rayboz

Post by forgerofsouls » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:13 pm

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