News: ~June 5th 2020~ - (Old News)
There is a bit more activity going on right now, so stick around if you want to be a part of it! Also, Windra is now a mod, because she is helping making this happen. And by helping I mean doing most of it.

RP News: ~November 19th 2015~ (Old RP News)
There is no current plot. The forests welcome new travelers within these lands.
Event Status: Not Active (each accepted character allowed to RP in multiple RP threads)

RP Season: Summer
This means everything is green, flowers are everywhere, and the shining sun creates a need for shady shelter on the warmest days.

How does this forum work:

Does your character have a home, business or special spot they like to call their own? Then this is the place where you can post about it and give other characters an opportunity to come visit.

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How does this forum work:

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  • Create a new topic with a fitting and descriptive title to indicate what someone can find inside. Leave the first post blank at first, so you can use it to place a description of what the place looks like. You can also use it for example to upload images, or a copy of the map with an arrow/circle/X to indicate where this personal place is located. Maybe a list of links to RP posts where the area is used as a location, whatever you like.
  • In the following posts you can RP your character searching for/finding/creating/gathering help to build a building/whatever, and then eventually living/working there. You don't need to RP with someone else if you don't want to to achieve this.
  • You are of course not limited to just this forum when RPing in your characters personal place, though you can link to this topic when RPing in the regular RP forums as an easy reference.
  • Your character can have multiple personal places (home, vacation house, shop, hide out, etc), just make sure you keep the topics updated with relevant information as RP goes.
  • It is suggested to edit the topic title with an [OPEN] to indicate whether you want others to join your topic, or [CLOSED] and when you don't want visitors.
  • If a character's personal place is used and/or referenced often enough by other characters it will be added to the map as an official area.
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