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There is no current plot. The forests welcome new travelers within these lands.
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RP Season: Summer
This means everything is green, flowers are everywhere, and the shining sun creates a need for shady shelter on the warmest days.


If your character encountered some kind of creature/monster/species that seems to live in the forests or surrounding areas, then let us know in here so others are warned! Together we can create a collection of everything that lives here.

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Habitat: The Glow (subhabitat of the Evergreen Forest)
Classification: Ethereal
Hunting Preference: Nocturnal (or any time in which it is dark).
Den: During the day, one can find them lurking in Deep caves. At night, they roam freely.

Wraiths are being made entirely of a shadowed mist. They lack defined features with the exception of arms tipped with blackened claws. Lacking legs, they float. These mobsters can seep through walls and windows due to their incorporeal manifestation.

They cannot be physically attacked. Even magic cannot affect them. Only weapons or attacks on a spectral tier may do harm to them. They are weakened and repelled by bright light. Direct contact with a strong illumination can incinerate them.

A wound inflicted by a wraith takes twice as long to heal.

Their main goal in attacking is to devour the soul. The body left behind from the assault, in turn, becomes a wraith.
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