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My Review:
Hey, I’ve been using this site for writing for a few months now and have been enjoying it quite a bit. The setting is an enclosed system, so all new characters start out fresh to life. This sounds like it could be a heavy story restriction, but it actually works out well in balancing the setting tone and power levels. I personally took an old character of mine and very early in life put him through events which replicated some of the psychological effects of his previous incarnation, which had the side effect of this new version having traits of the original character but not relying solely on the past for plot progression.

They also have a system implemented on the boards that bring it a half-step closer to tabletop gaming in nature. Each post has the option of making a single roll, randomly generated from 1-20 (with crit successes and failures noted). These rolls can be physical, magical, or some other action you specify like “sneak past the inactive golem”, and unless you are actively battling are generally not strictly required. This means that actions can be described as usual, or if you want to throw a bit of chance into posts you can roll (and nothing can get a thread rolling like a crit success or fail in the right place). Different characters can improve the success/failure threshold for different actions as they perform the relevant action, with some specializing in different things.

Power level is pretty stable, as each character starts out with an ability chosen from a list with the capability to gaining more ‘spells’ as points are gained (using an automated system based on things like posts made, threads completed, battles fought in, etc). Battles are not critical unless you build your character to be an angry kitty or something, and the actual mechanics of battle are pretty forgiving even if there was a fight between a new person and a veteran. Spells are primarily a way of adding uniqueness to characters and showing character progression.

Just about any mundane animal is allowed as a character, with the exception of small rodents who would easily be mistaken for prey without much recourse (though larger prey animals are allowable). Each character has a single gem somewhere in/on its body that acts as a kind of phylactery/horcrux. Since the gem size and shape is variable this feature has been used to add things such as horns, masks, fins, etc to characters that don’t just want it as a small token on the otherwise normalish character. More exotic non-humanoid characters, hybrids, and modified mundane creatures are also possible to make, but require the expenditure of points that would otherwise be used for more spells.

Feel free to drop by, we have a lot of friendly people that hang out in the chatbox and a pretty decent activity level for story threads.

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